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Band Members:

bulletLuke Petrovich
bulletStevo Petrovich
bulletGeorge Qiggin
bulletSteve Richards
bulletVlade Rokvic
bulletMarko Savatich
bulletFrank "Jovo" Sepic

Sam Showers

bulletMarko Stojsavljevic

















Jovo, Marko, Luke, Sammy, Marko, Stevo, Vlade & Steve

Prazna Flasa - Empty Bottle

The band was first formed in 1976. The band, at that time, was called the "Balkan  Tamburitzans" . The original members of the group happened to be a set of brothers along with a brother and sister. Mark Richards (Bugarija), Steven Richards (Bass), Steve Petrovich (Prim), and Zora (Petrovich) Showers (Brac). The group performed at numerous events in the Milwaukee area. All the members were teenagers and not long removed from the St. Sava Tammies which was a 40 plus member church orchestra directed by the late Jack Yelich and co-directed by the late Mr.Steve Subotich.

In 1977  the band added a new member, Peter Subotich (Bass). With the addition of Peter, also coming from the Tammies, the group was now a five piece ensemble with Steven Richards moving to the cello. This gave the "Balkan Tamburitzans" what is considered a full sound now having every type of tambura incorporated into the combo.

   Shortly thereafter the last major change was implemented as Marko Stojsavljevic (Brac) was worked into the group. Marko had played the prim with the Tammies and converted to the brac. With the addition of Marko the band had played with six members for a short time as Zora was preparing to leave the combo.

   This group of young men entertained at many events be it weddings, christenings, birthdays, concerts, or dances. Some special events of note were their appearance at the weeklong Smithsonian Institute's Folk Festival in Washington DC. (held every four years) and their appearance in Universal Studios movie "Four Friends" directed by Steve Tesich ("Breaking Away") in which the bands' music was used in the musical score. Both these accomplishments were an exciting time for the combo since they were selected, by audition, among many fine tamburitza orchestra's in the USA!

   The combo changed it's name to the present "Prazna Flasa" in the late 1980's. With members relocating and families to tend to, the band had to expand it's membership to stay intact. Frank "Jovo" Sepic (Brac) and David Rakovich (Bugarija), former members of the "Sarajevo" Orchestra from Milwaukee, were the perfect fit along with Misko Dragin (Bass) formerly of the orchestra "Kapetani". Misko then leaving to tend to his young and growing family gave way to Steve Richards who returned as the groups bassist. The most recent addition was in 2006. An accomplsihed accordionist, Vlade Rokvic, had moved to the US and came upon the band one evening. He stated his love of the string sound and asked if the group would be interested in adding an accordion to it's sound. The link was made and this is the way it stood until February 2012 when long time member Dave "Rocky" Rakovich passed away.

Prazna Flasa currently is still going strong with the addition of Marko Savatich on the bugarija and frequent appearances by Sam Showers on the bass and Luke Petrovich on the prim. Marko Stojsavljevic has also rejoined the band and is on the cello.

     Like any combo, the group has had many accomplished musicians step in to fill a gap when needed. Some of these fine musicians and friends include: John "Booch" Bukvich (Bass), Puco Cemovich (Bugarija), Mickey Crnovich (Prim), Aco Dragin (Cello), Milan Kontich (Accordian), Frank "Pancho" Maydak (Brac), Dawn Mitrovich (Violin), Peter "Animal" Pljecas (Bugarija), Djuro "Buttons" Quiggin (Cello), Gary Rogutich (Brac), + Steve Subotich (Bugarija), and Ken Werner (Bass). Zivili!!!