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Orchestra Members



Milan Kontich - Accordion

bulletSavo Radjenovich - Bass Guitar
bulletStevan Petrovich - Bugarija
bulletHarley Schoville - Percussion


  Sloboda - Freedom, Liberty.

   Orchestra "Sloboda" was first formed in 1972. The Milwaukee based band was a gathering of young musicians coming from the two Serbian Orthodox churches in the Greater Milwaukee Area - St. Nikola and St. Sava. The founding members were as follows: Milan Kontich (Accordian), Petar Kontich (Percussion), George Malich (Guitar), Dusan Milunovich (Bass Guitar), and Miso Vasiljevic (Clarinet / Saxophone). This group of young men performed all around the Midwest USA for consecrations, weddings, dances, and festivals.

   In 1974 "Sloboda" reformed with the addition of two new members. The instrumentation had changed slightly. With the Kontich brothers remaining at the core, Dusan Milunovich switched over to accordion giving the group a two accordion sound while Miles Fostar (Bass Guitar) and Branko Ignjatovic (Guitar) completed the ensemble.

   Orchestra "Sloboda" continued through 1975 and took a short pause. The members were unable to dedicate the time needed to maintain their demand as families had relocated and higher education became a priority. It wasn't until 1981 that "Sloboda" was able to regroup and dedicate the time needed to uphold the "Sloboda" sound. The 1981 version of the orchestra was as follows: Milan Kontich (Accordion), Petar Kontich (Percussion), George Malivuk (Guitar), Savo Radjenovich (Accordion), and Tomislav Spremo (Bass Guitar). The band was energized and was heard throughout the Midwestern United States on a regular basis through the 1980's.

   The orchestra took one last break as it's last performance came in late 1989. In 1994 the desire to "freely" express themselves musically was felt once more as "Sloboda" rekindled the fire and once again was ready to roll. Therefore we present the present day orchestra "SLOBODA"!


"Sloboda ili Smrt!"